Q: Why can't 840 orders ship to the store/clinic like before?
A: The USDA oversees the handling of 840 tag orders. They require them to be shipped directly to a producer.

Q: Why is it cheaper to go through a distributor than to order direct?
A: Distributors stock product, provide field and office support and handle billing. Therefore, we give them preferred pricing for the services they provide customers.

Q: Explain how the red total tagger can also do the thicker EID buttons, by taking out the black clip.
A: The black clip in the jaws of the applicator is designed for our traditional tags. By removing this clip, you can apply the thicker electronics tags. The packaging, the clip itself and all detailers explain this. See photos below.


Q: Scrapie tags are a double tag, so no small male buttons. In the trays they all look like female panel tags, but one row are the females and the next row above that, are the male panel tags.
A: Scrapie tags have a panel on each side and one is a male. Most producers are used to "button" tags, however, there are one of each. 


Q: A common misconception is that the premise number is printed on the 840 tags.
A: It is not required to be on the buttons, but we do use the premise number to order the official USDA tags, which is what ties those 840 numbers to the owner, making them an official tag.

Q: What's USDA approved?
USDA has an approval process for a number of tag programs. For Scrapies specifically, go to the link below for the contact in each state.

Q: What is the Srapie phone number?
USDA at 866-USDA-TAG / 866-873-2824

Q: Where can I get a premise number?
A: Contact your state department of agriculture with the contact list below.

Q: Do you have a syringe for Longrange?
A: Yes, our LR replacement barrels for 50MR2 and 25MR2 syringes are specifically formulated for Longrange.