Order Forms:

Generic 2-Piece Order Form

Generic ATag Order Form

Generic Feedlot Order Form

Generic Multi Species Order Form

Generic Swine Order Form

USDA 840 Approved ID Tag Order Form - Swine

USDA 840 Approved ID Tag Order Form - Deer

Reader Repair Instructions

In order to begin the repair process, please complete the following steps:

1) Select the appropriate RGA Form (Note: There is a specific form for US and Canada returns.)
2) Download the selected form to your PC.
3) Complete and Save a copy of the form.
4) E-mail a copy to or fax it to 972-456-3969 (Attn: RGA Department)
5) Upon receipt of the completed form, Allflex will contact you via e-mail or phone with an
     RGA# that should be visible on the outside of the shipping box.

Return/Repair Forms:


Canada RGA Form