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Allflex Precision Instruments
Veterinarians and livestock producers depend on the Allflex injection syringes and drenchers. Allflex is committed to supplying precision instruments that are competitively priced, offering a complete line of accessories and providing quality products and repairs.

Three things to consider when selecting a syringe

  • Products to be administered. Some instrument components are adversely affected by medication carriers, pour-on formulations or solvents. Some vaccines and antibacterials are formulated with a oil-based adjuvant that slows the injection and auto-fill speeds.
  • Number of animals to be treated. If you are processing or dosing large numbers of animals, consider a syringe or drencher with the large capacity backpack reservoirs. With the Allflex auto-fill, you can treat large numbers of animals without interruption.
  • Hand size and strength of user. Hand fatigue can be avoided by fitting the syringe to the individual who will be helping administer medications. Some grips may be too wide for a smaller hand. Choose a grip that is not too wide or too small to be comfortable for the user.